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UX Optimization Book 700x1000

The first and only book that teaches you step-by-step how to combine two typically separate sources of data: quantitative behavioral UX with qualitative usability testing data to optimize websites and dramatically improve performance


The right quantitative tools to use for data analysis


How to find hidden but critical UX behavioral data


Using qualitative tools, techniques, and procedures


Analyze qualitative data to find optimizations


How to combine qualitative and quantitative data


Making recommendations based on your analysis


1. Find and fix hidden website issues to improve your conversion and increase ROI

2. Use combined behavioral UX and usability data for better optimization decisions

3. Know which UX optimization data and tools are useful, and which ones are not

4. Defend UX decisions based on solid data and non-biased analysis vs assumptions

5. Eliminate guesswork and improve your site conversion faster using better analysis


Jon, Head of Marketing

Jon, Head of Marketing

Highly Recommended Read

I saw Craig Tomlin speak at SXSW and decided to purchase his book. Highly recommended read for any web marketing specialist tasked with squeezing more value out of existing web assets.

Bertha, Sr UX Designer

Bertha, Sr UX Designer

Great 'How-to' Book

This is a great 'how to' book on UX optimization. Excellent step-by-step instructions with pictures and explanations make learning easy. He adds funny or interesting stories that relate with the material in each chapter. You'll use this book often!

Jeff, Product Manager

Jeff, Product Manager

Best Optimization Book

UX Optimization has step-by-step instructions and clear and practical advice for how to combine quantitative and qualitative data to improve websites. This is the best UX optimization book I've read so far and I highly recommend it.

Katie, Business Owner

Katie, Business Owner

Good UX Resource

I got this book when I met Mr Tomlin at an event he was speaking at, and I'm very glad I did. This book is a good UX resource for learning how to optimize websites. It's one of the best books I've read on improving websites and I'll be using it often.



Step by step instructions with lots of images makes learning UX optimization easy!
Great isometric user experience

UX Optimization Overview

You don't know what you don't know

Overview of the 4 UX optimization steps including using Personas and behavioral UX data, finding and analyzing usability data, how to combine behavioral UX and usability testing data for optimizations.

Using Personas

Using Personas

Important to create, get right, and use

Not everyone in the world will want to use your website. Personas identify the most common types of users, their needs, and how they expect your website to work. Use Personas to identify data for evaluation.

Behavioral UX Data Image

Behavioral UX Data

Too Many Data Choices Can Be A Bad Thing

Behavioral UX data is the 'what is happening' data from user website activity. Not all data is equal. And with so much data available how do you know what data is the best data to evaluate? This chapter will show you.

Usability Testing Data for UX Optimization

Usability Testing Data

Even One Test Can Uncover Critical Issues

Usability testing and UX research data is the 'why it's happening' data. But what type of usability test should be conducted, and what's the right way to ensure unbiased results? Learn secrets to testing success.

Combining Behavioral UX and Usability Testing Data

Putting It All Together

Looking for the patterns across diverse data

This is where we combine the 'what is happening' quantitative data with the 'why it's happening' qualitative data and identify patterns. Having a holistic view provides the data necessary to find the issues.

The Big Picture

The Big Picture

Practice makes perfect and always test the test

Sometimes UX research can be like a bad date gone wrong. It takes time and patience to master quantitative and qualitative data analysis. Practice makes perfect, learn from what went right and wrong. Tips for success.

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About the Author

W Craig Tomlin

William Craig Tomlin is a Senior user experience strategist, researcher and marketing conversion optimization expert. He is a Certified Usability Analyst who conducts UX research, CRO and UX design improvement to increase ROI. He consults with start-ups to the Fortune 500 and has been optimizing websites, mobile sites and apps since the mid 1990s. He has worked with firms including; AT&T, BlackBerry, Countrywide Home Loans, CDC.gov, Disney, DirecTV, IBM, Kodak, Marsh & McLennan, Prudential Ins. Co., Sprint, Verizon, WellPoint Health Networks, Zurich Ins. Co. and many more. He’s a former President of the User Experience Professional’s Association Austin chapter, and a speaker at conferences including; UXPA, SXSW, World Usability Congress, InnoTech and more.

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